Instructions of use

1. Click on the following box for accepting the Terms and Conditions of the CODOP Calculator:

2. Select between CODOP-Unt and CODOP-Ovt (see explanation of the characteristics of these two predictor subtypes above).

3. You may add new and edit existing patient data using the table below. Clicking on a cell allows you to edit the values. The 'Add Row' and 'Delete Last Row' buttons append an empty row and delete the last row, to and from the table respectively.

4. Click on 'PREDICT' to submit the patient data.

5. If your patient table has missing values (including zeros), click the following box:
6. If all previous steps are performed correctly, you should see below a table that is similar to the one that you upload but with two extra columns with the predicted outcome. You can download this new table by pressing the “Download Predictions” tag. Thus, this table will be saved in the format selected in the dropdown menu.